I’m a British born architectural photographer and commercial filmmaker living in Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast. Now with representation in Canada, USA and the UK.

I started out in the ’80s as a snowboard action photographer, traveling around shooting images for magazines, snowboard brands and drinks companies. My experience stems from the pre-digital era which I always maintain is a good thing. I come from a time when you had to get it right, shooting on film, without knowing you got it right. When the stakes are high when you are on-location with all the costs of models, flights, food, hotels, you learn fast & over the years I have been trusted with many large projects to bring home the bacon!

Through the 90’s I got known for shooting snowboard, skateboard, bmx and live bands and related lifestyle and clothing photography for snowboard and ski catalogues in the UK & off the back of that I had many images used in glossy magazines including Vogue, FHM, GQ and the like.

Commercial photography has always been at the core of my working life & as the owner of Format Films, a small video/film production company, I like to keep busy and pushing forward with new techniques and experiences. Format specializes in creating hand crafted footage for television commercials with a wide variety of end clients including Canadian Tire, SportCheck, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia College of Laboratory Technicians, Samsung Canada, Scotiabank, Westbeach, Bacardi Canada, EllisDon and many more.

I come with a full production team built from the ground up with people I enjoy working with and with whom I fully trust their integrity.